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Dolpo is a culturally Tibetan region in western NepalValleys south, and the Phoksumdo and Mugu Karnali Valleys (west and northwest) Dolpo is home to some of the highest villages on earth; almost ninety percent of the region lies above 3,500 meters. The population of Dolpo is less than five thousand people, making it one of the least densely populated areas of Nepal. More than ninety percent of the population lives under the poverty line, literacy is low, and life expectancy is a mere fifty years. Administratively, the valleys of Dolpo are located in the northern reaches of Nepal’s largest district, Dolpa.

Lying in the rain shadow area of the Himalayas, the landscape resembles that of the Tibetan Plateau instead of the lush, green, monsoon watered hills, elsewhere in Nepal, at comparative altitudes. The people, very pleasant by nature, are of Tibetan descent who follow the pre-Buddhist Bon religion. Their language is closely related to Tibetan

Dolpo was for centuries a relatively independent region in constant economic and cultural interaction with the greater, rivaling political powers that surrounded it. Dolpo was always too rugged, sparsely populated, and distant from the major passes over the Himalaya to become a major political entity: it was instead a pawn in the power struggles of competing kingdoms like Lo and Jumla, which sought control of trade routes across the Himalaya.

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