Sun Koshi River Rafting

One of the top ten best rivers in the world
Sun Kosi River is the perfect destination for a classic white water rafting trip in Nepal. Also known as the Golden River, Sun Kosi is the longest river in Nepal, cascading as it does 270 km through Mahabharat Lekh Mountains to the Himalaya. Travelling along this torrential river on an inflatable rubber boat with life-jackets, we have nature accompany us all along the river trip, providing ample opportunity to witness exotic wildlife in its natural habitat. Besides this awe-inspiring whitewater rafting, we can have cultural encounters as we approach untouched hamlets on terraced hillsides. En route, we may be able to spot exotic animals such as Languor monkeys, spotted deer, otter, anteaters and many unique bird species. Several Hindu temples line the way, many of which are well worth a visit. We conclude the trip with a flight from Biratnagar to Kathmandu.

Detailed Itinerary

  • Day 1:Kathmabndu to Dolalghat
    Early in the morning we drive through 65 km route for 3 hours to get to Balephi, our raft put-in point. After arriving at Balephi, lunch is served. Prior to rafting, all the concerned details are thoroughly explained and then, equipped with appropriate gear, we begin our rafting journey piloted by an expert river guide. Paddling along the rhythm of Roaring River amid the picturesque landscape, exquisite wilderness and panorama of majestic hills, we head towards Dolalghat. On reaching Dolalghat, we will see terraced fields and old fashioned Nepali houses perched on the hillsides and slopes. This glorious adventure concludes with camping at a superb site in Dolalghat.


    Day 2: Pucharghat
    You will continue rafting against thrashing rapids. By the time this exhilarating river ride meanders against class IV ‘No exit’ and ‘Meatgrinder’ rapids towards Pucharghat, it becomes much easier to control the fast-paced whitewater run. Pristine Tamang villages zoom out into picture. Eventually, after hours of succumbing to unparalled rafting challenges you will camp at Pucharghat.


    Day 3: Dhani Ghat
    As the rafting trip advances further, we will become gradually familiar with the topology of Sun Kosi river. Besides exhilarating scenic rapids, breathtaking scenery and ethno-cultural heritage are the other sights that make our journey so very enriching, memorable and satisfying. We also enter the confluence of the Likhu Khola. Finally, we camp at Dhani Ghat.


    Day 4: Harkapur
    Today we will encounter a series of whitewater rapids of various intensities and at regular intervals. You will encounter a challenging boulder-strewn whitewater bonanza! On rafting towards Harkapur, you struggle against class III rapids. The trip becomes more difficult and threatening as torrential rapids transforms into V class rapids. The expertise of the river guide coupled with proper precautions and safety measures will play a key role at this point. After a fun-filled and adventurous rafting trip, you will camp at Harkapur.


    Day 5: Raighat
    Rafting past Harkapur has us encounter class IV rapids as we enter the confluence of the Dudhkoshi River. Amidst the exotic eco-system and natural vistas, the river widens below the Dudhkoshi and flow through a broad valley, at which point the waters will mellowing down. In comparison to Sun Kosi, Dudhkoshi is much colder. After having maneuvered through awesome rapids like Rapid Punch, Juddy, High anxiety, Motorcycle, Harkapur 1, Harkapur 2 and Harkapur 3, you eventually reach Raighat where camp will be made for the night.


    Day 6: Rest day
    This day is set aside for total mental and physical rest. After a long lie-in, you can explore the areas around the campsite. Viewing the blissful sight of Mt. Everest is another visual treat today.

    Day 7: Raswaghat
    Fighting against rapids like Jaws and Dead Man’s Eddy, we raft past a suspension bridge and a huge eddy. Your heart rate will quicken as we paddle ahead for more challenging whitewater rafting. Exotic wilderness and nature remain our witnesses all through this thrilling river trip. Our river guide will provide you with informative tidbits from time to time. We conclude the day by camping at Raswaghat.


    Day 8: Riverghat
    Making your way through wild verdant vegetation, rock-strewn cliff and house-sized boulders, we bounce and splash against the untamed river. Further ahead, you will encounter continuous white water with rapids like Rhino Rocks and Jungle Corridor. You will be treated with views of exotic wilderness, pristine hamlets and picturesque landscape. As we near Riverghat, we’ll look out for a suitable campsite.


    Day 9: Ranitar
    As the untamed river cuts against the rocky banks, crash into rocks and crevices breaking into foaming white water rapids, we position the raft securely and according to the instructions of our river guide. Enjoying the stunning scenery, you raft through narrow canyons and furious rapids like Chamereghat and Darsandhungat. After arriving at Ranitar, you put a halt to the trip and camp at a fantastic location.


    Day 10: Chatara, Pick up and Drive to Biratnagar
    Departing from Ranitar, you’ll paddle along the rapid called Big Dipper. Soon after discovering enchanting waterfalls and paradisiacal side canyons, you enter Tribeni Ghat, the confluence of the rivers Arun and Tamur, and the beginning of the Sapta Kosi. Holding onto the memories of the trip, you’ll bid farewell to our rafting journey after arriving at Chatara. There is a Barahi temple lying in the vicinity of Chatara. We can visit this temple to pay our homage to Lord Vishnu. Thereafter, we drive to Biratnagar and fly back to Kathmandu

Date & Price

Includes & Excludes

  • Trip length: 10 Days
    Grade: Class III - IV+
    Starts in: Kathmandu
    Ends in: Biratnagar

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